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Barb Ling here and this just went live by one of the BEST under-the-radar marketers there are out there, Connie Ragen Green:

==> Funnels That Click!

Your Benefits: You discover just *why* every marketer and their coffeecup are singing the praises of funnels…. and make those profits happen for yourself!

Brief, pithy and to the point:

First: the page is NOT shiny.

It really doesnt have to be!

And feast your earlobes upon this gem:

…Online Marketing… Its A Solid Business Model

Earlier I promised to share with you how I am able to find prospects using free traffic methods, persuade them to join my list, and then direct them to my products, courses, affiliate offerings, and more where they become buyers in my funnels. I do this by using a three-pronged strategy of 1) searching to see where those prospects are right now; 2) connecting with them on social media, in topic specific forums and groups, and at virtual and live events; and 3) creating simple funnels on specific
topics that help them to solve problems, answer questions, and alleviate pain in regards to the topics they are interested in. Ill teach you how to do this as well, using what I am including here in the Funnels That Click training program.

Been There and Doing That!

What you need is the whole story from someone whos been there. That person is me. I went from earning no money at all online during the first part of 2006 to replacing my previous income during my first eighteen months online, to now earning eight times as much as I did while I was working as a classroom teacher and doing real estate part-time. This all started with my blog, some affiliate marketing, and one simple information product. Then I began creating additional information products
and increasing my affiliate marketing and thats when my online business really took off. I was also seen as a credible authority on my topic….

==> Why are you still reading this email? Click! Click!

And nope – there is NO thud factor needed….

Heck, youll learn thingees like:

* Your Carefully Created Free Giveaway, Also Known as a List Magnet or an Ethical to Add Prospects to Your List

* Your Welcome Email Immediately After They Opt In to Your List to Help Them Consume Your Giveaway

​​​​​​​* The Series of Emails You Send Out Over a Period of Time, Strategically Crafted to Encourage Responsiveness

​​​​​​​* Your Sequence of Offers, Both Paid and Free That Lead to Your Signature Product, Flagship Course, or Event

​​​​​​​* Peripheral Content (Your Body of Work) You Seamlessly Set Up for Ongoing Credibility, Visibility, and Profitability

​​​​​​​* Your Personal Touch That Brings Your Funnel Together and Makes Massive Sales a Reality

==> And so so so SO much more!

My colleague Connie is old-school…. but her techniques work *brilliant* and she comes with my highest recommendation.

Dont just walk to that glorious link you see here:


Teleport there instead! 🙂

Grow strong,

Barbara More commissions Ling
Authority Marketing Innovator

ps: its insanely inexpensive as well….
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