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Hey there,

Barb Ling here and it was the weirdest thing!

There I was, back home from the post office. Got contacted by Kid4 at camp – apparently the camp had sent pictures that I never received.

I never received them because apparently the pictures are all on this site called smugmug!

When I went to check them out, I was amazed at

a.) The sheer volume of pictures (300+?)

b.) The fact it was just a few clicks from a picture to actually directly ORDERING a print or a coffee cup or a….

You get what I meant.

Those clever camps – they snuck in eCommerce to unsuspecting parents!

And rather than just saying BUY ME NOW!, they FIRST show you a picture….

Then buy this picture….

Then put it on a coffeecup….

Then put it on a refrigerator magnet….

SO Smart!

Now, doing exactly the same right now, that might be beyond your skills.

But if you want to create easy drag and drop eCommerce sales funnels (think want to add a coffeecup with that photo order?)….

You can start extremely basic level by creating a 2 step ecommerce funnel that is….

==> Drag and Drop!
Coupon Built In

Methinks youll enjoy it a lot!

And if you want to hear chapter 1:

Barb Ling here and want to know one of the easiest ways to increase your affiliate commissions?

Why, its to promote something that:

* Sells like hotcakes (aka the sales page creates people who say, just take my money!)

* Is newbie-friendly (aka it appeals to *everyone*)

* Has bleeploads of happy customers (social proof)

* And gives you bigger commissions not ONLY on the main product…. but also in all the upsells as well!

Well, this product just went live….

… and one of the upsells is resellers rights (which will bump your commissions to 70% on ALL funnel components!

What product is this? (I bought it myself, as well as the resellers rights too!)

Why, its:


==> Instant eCom Funnels!
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Your benefits: It doesnt get ANY easier than this! Perfect for newbies too – drag-drop page builder to create simple 2 page eCom funnels that help you increase your profits via a very simple step.


Brief, pithy and to the point!

You might have heard that eCom is a grand way to profit online….

… but you might be daunted by monthly Shopify fees…

… not knowing even when to start …

… being locked into analysis/paralysis…


Which is why youre going to ADORE this goodie….

… because it takes you gently by the hand and transform eCom into something sooo simple….

… a middle-schooler could do it!

See, this is a nifty 2 page eCommerce sales creator for you…

It allows you to create these pages:

1.) What you have to sell

2.) A hey, want fries with that? followup page (aka an additional goodie that complements the first purchase)

And then you can even add a Thank You page that you can further monetize (but more on that later).

==> See all the grand additional benefits here!
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And the enhancements?

So so very cool:

* Done for you eCommerce sales funnels (they are premade with products already *proven* to sell, all you need to do is add your Paypal ID!)

* Done for you Product Vault (access to their PRIVATE database of of proven winning products theyve *already* sourced on AliExpress, eBay, Amazon and other marketplace)

* Monthly Funnel Club (you get additional great done-for-you ecom funnel)

* Reseller Rights (you get 70% affiliate commission across the board (!)

* Offline Agency Rights (you can sell these quick 2 page funnels to local businesses and charge $97/$497/etc per month,

==> Start your journey here!
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And because this is a solo offer, buy thru my link and immediately receive my own:

eCom marketing Strategy Pack

My own collection of the *best* eCom marketing tutorials online!

Sounds good? I think so… heck, I know so! The profits of eCom can now be accessed by even newbies (and experienced marketers who know that quick 2 page funnels convert grand)….

What are you waiting for?


Grow strong,

Barb More Sales! Ling
Authority Marketing Innovator

==> PS: Bonuses too!
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