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It’s ending TONIGHT….

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One of the goodies up for a coupon is:

==> 60 Days Coaching WITH Becker’s Notes!
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SOOO cool it is.

The lessons themselves are stellar, but add in ALL 60 done-for-you NOTES?

Here’s the agenda (Day 0 is the first lesson, Day 59 is the 60th):

Day 0: Introduction
Day 1: Find Your Purpose
Day 2: Clearly Defined Need
Day 3: Structure Your Business
Day 4: How to Position Yourself as an Expert in Your Business
Day 5: How to Blueprint Your Business

Day 6: Core 4 Concept and Content Creation
Day 7: Blueprint Homework
Day 8: Sales Funnel Mastery
Day 9: Begin Product Creation
Day 10: 10×10 Matrix

Day 11: Begin Creating Your Product
Day 12: Continue Creating Your Product
Day 13: Continue Creating Your Product
Day 14: Finish Creating Your Product
Day 15: Final Product Creation Step

Day 16: Start Writing Your Sales Letter
Day 17: Continue Writing Your Sales Letter
Day 18: Add Emotional Component to Your Sales Letter
Day 19: Finessing Your Sales Letter
Day 20: Tying Your Sales Letter to Your Product

Day 21: 30 Minutes of Daily Content
Day 22: Case Study of Blueprinting
Day 23: 10×10 Matrix For Your Coaching Program
Day 24: How to Structure Your Coaching Program
Day 25: Plan Your Coaching Program

Day 26: How to Deliver Your Coaching Program
Day 27: Write Coaching Sales Letter
Day 28: Add Emotional Element to Coaching Sales Letter
Day 29: Additional Ideas for Your Coaching Sales Letter
Day 30: Presence Based Mental Focus and Holistic Model

Day 31: Advanced Summary of Presence-Based Business
Day 32: How to Create Your Expert Frame and High-Ticket Consulting Offer
Day 33: How to Eliminate Distractions and Focus Relentlessly
Day 34: How to Write an Email Campaign From Scratch
Day 35: Email Layering

Day 36: Advanced Discussion About Creating an Email Campaign
Day 37: Intro to Writing a Credibility Campaign
Day 38: Begin Writing Your Credibility Campaign
Day 39: Finish Writing Your Credibility Campaign
Day 40: How to Build a Relationship With Your Subscribers

Day 41: Sales Funnel Strategy
Day 42: Automated Sales Email Strategy
Day 43: Product Funnel Training
Day 44: Timing of Followup Emails
Day 45: Automated Content to Sales

Day 46: Product Launch Campaign Emails
Day 47: Review So Far
Day 48: How to Determine What Your Subscribers Want to Buy
Day 49: How to Use Your Subscribers to Help You Create Your Products
Day 50: Beginning to Find Targeted Visitors

Day 51: Create Your Own Traffic Watering Hole
Day 52: How to Compete in Competitive and Saturated Markets
Day 53: Your Traffic Strategy
Day 54: How to Build Trust With Online Prospects
Day 55: Mindset Training
Day 56: Clarity of Purpose
Day 57: Long Term Vision to Create Daily Goals
Day 58: Daily Plan and Daily Management of Master Plan
Day 59: Final Lesson and Wrapup

But you have to hurry….

The sale ENDS at 11:59pm SHARP

==> The sale ENDS at 11:59pm SHARP
Use coupon FSF30 to drop price big!

You’re going to love what you earn…

Grow strong,

Barb “More Commissions!” Ling
Authority Marketing Innovator

ps – Again… ends TONIGHT!
Use coupon FSF30 to drop price big!
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