Chapter 3, Beginners Affiliate Marketing with a huge community/support?


Barb Ling here and here be the latest!

You know how I’ve been telling you about the reopening of Affiliate Triad….

Well, one of the benefits this program offers you (Dennis and I have both been members now since it opened)…

… is that it comes with a HUUUUGE support community where experienced folk help out the beginners and it’s all rather… quite nice. πŸ™‚

Along with that, Jason and Wil provide you with bunches of tools, swipes, lots of goodies….

Which means if you’re serious about profiting from affiliate marketing… this really flattens the learning curve!


The first promo from the Affiliate Triad… had a commission of $1,275.

Think of that for a moment.


The second commission was $997. I earned one of those. That was for the challenge idea…. the one which Dennis took and ran with and generated more than 8K in revenue! (that was our Boomer Make Bucks challenge during the last few weeks)

The third? $360 (and a number of folks signed up from my list as well)!. That was Product eClass.

I can vouch that if you either:

Want higher commissions from *real* affiliate marketing offers, not JUST the BSOs….


The following… well, it’s not a Bright Shiny Object…..

BUT you’ll be provided with EVERYTHING to make things happen! (that means if you need help:

* building a list

* sending swipes to that list

* nurturing that list…

Lots of goodness is awaiting you!

Nor is it something thats $7 or $17 etc.etc.etc.

Instead, its the extremely powerful latest by Jason Fladlien…

… and it does just about *everything* imaginable for you.

We’re talking:

Every month, you’re *told* the *best* products to promote.

And then you’re *given* every single thing you would need TO promote it:

* High converting Swipes (Jason is a master of copywriting)

* A better sales page if needed (again, Jason is a master of copywriting)

* A webinar if needed (yep, Jason does this grand too!)

* Incredible bonuses (again, virtually *everything* is done for you!)

and much much much more.

Now, back in the days when I had more energy than a fossilized clam, I was a top master in Affiliate Marketing.

And I know what is required to dominate leaderboards!

Due to past smooshing, I lacked the energy to do it all…

But as Jason IS doing it all for you, that’s no longer an issue!

As the next few days fly on by, I’ll share more chapters of goodness….

But for now, you can either see the zero cost webbie at:

(Do you already know about it? The price has already increased once …. make sure you grab it NOW!

Oh, and our bonuses?

The complete collection of my Affiliate Marketing package (the stuff that helped me be the #2 affiliate in Warrior Plus during my glory days!), AND the bonus by Dennis and I both – White Glove Treatment! DAB Coaching Included as well for as long as you are a member !

Sounds good? I think so – gosh, I know so (especially because I bought it myself)!

Stay tuned….

Grow strong,

Barb “More Profits” Ling
Authority Marketing Innovator

ps – What did you think of how Jason explains it all with that infotainment style? …. or ….
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