6 figure marketer?: Every PLR pack for only $1 from Tiffany Lambert? (and LIFETIME!)

Hey there,

Remember this? You can also get LIFETIME to her offers:

==> The PLR Sale! (one option includes lifetime!)

Your Benefits: You can gain 837 products at…. $1 each.

Its really nice,.

Basically, this wonderful 6 figure marketer is offering whats usual between $7 to $47 to $397 (lifetime!)
and the materials include.

Heres what Tiffany says:

Please read
carefully… its a simple, 3-step process:
Because of the
immense volume of traffic during these sales, the store where the PLR is housed routinely crashes (yes, even after a massive upgrade). Therefore, Ive created a catalog you can download right here that lists every pack available on the PLR Mini Mart for this

The only packs NOT
in this sale are the Full Content Funnels, and those will be available on a one time offer page directly after checkout – at a discounted price from $65 to just $17 each.

Here are
the steps to complete your order…

1. You
will download the catalog from the link above and make a list of the PLR titles you want. (I dont need the page number or section that its in, just the exact name of the pack). Only the titles are listed, so if you want details of whats in the pack, youll have to go to the store to see the details. Do NOT buy anything at the store – youll be paying full

2. Purchase a voucher for the number of packs that you want. If you choose 10 packs, youll purchase a $10 voucher below. If you want 120 packs, you can buy a $100 voucher and then come back for a $20 voucher. The vouchers are sold in $10 increments.

3. After checking
out, you will find a zip file inside your JVZoo account under My Purchases that tells you how to complete the order process. It will tell you where to send your list of titles and receipt to claim your PLR, which I will email back to you as an attachment within 24-48 hours.

And heres some more content:

Important: Below you will find the PLR categories highlighted in yellow. Below each category are the list of PLR packs in that category. So if youre ordering during a sale, please dont select 52 articles and a report PLR as one of your choices since that is an entire category, and not a specific pack. Instead, list the title of the pack you want, such as Forex Mega Pack. If you would like
to see exactly whats in the pack, please visit PLRMiniMart.com and find the pack using the search bar on the upper right corner to look it up.

52 Articles and a Report Packs PLR Category

Acne 10 Pack
Allergy PLR
Energy Booster PLR
Becoming a Kindle Author
Anti Bullying PLR
Lawn Product Review Articles for Aerators
Keep Contagious Stress At Bay
Become an Optimist to Experience Less Stress
Travel Accessories PLR
Top 5 Amazon Categories
2013 Video Game PLR
Top 5 Home Theater Systems PLR
Black Friday 2013
New Findings in Stress
2014 Halloween Costume Ideas
LEGO 10 Pack
Elliptical Trainers
Pandemic PLR Articles
2014 Toys R Us Fab 15
Background Check PLR Articles
Toy Category Page Articles
Dog PLR 10 Pack
Clean Eating
Self Defense Survival FE
Meal Prep FE
Ditch the Dad Bod FE
Overcoming Self Doubt for Online Success FE
Wealth Abundance OTO 1
Healthy Kitchen FE
Social Network Fitness Motivation FE
Debt and Credit Damage Control PLR
Dog Parenting PLR FE
Leaving Your Comfort Zone for Success
Bug Out Survival FE
Personal Satisfaction: Living Life on Your Own Terms FE
2017 Top Halloween Costumes FE
2018 Best Diets
Fiction Basics PLR

Resell PLR Category

Anti Aging Resell PLR
Binaural Beats Resell PLR
Childrens Health Resell PLR
Feng Shui Resell PLR
High Fashion Shopping Resell PLR
How the LOA Can Change Your Life Resell PLR
Meatless Meals Blog Posts Resell PLR
Natural Cleaning Resell PLR
Sleep Disorder Resell PLR
Smoking Cessation Resell PLR
The Benefit of Meatless Meals Report Resell PLR
Top 10 Amazon Fitness Programs Resell PLR
Wedding Cake Toppers Resell PLR
Womens Health Resell PLR
Cochlear Implant Resell PLR
Dog Bed Resell PLR
Offline Marketing Methods Resell PLR
Tips for Freelancers to Find Clients
Setting Up a Shipping Container Survival Home
25 Practical Time Management Tips
Black Friday 2014
Exercise for Sedentary People
A Beginners Guide to Home Canning
How to Prepare For a New Puppy in Your Home
Real Estate Resell PLR FE
Real Estate Resell PLR OTO

Video PLR Category

Motivational Marketing Messages

Weekly Category

Diet Weekly 11-05-11
Internet Marketing 11-06-2011 Weekly PLR
Anti Aging 11-06-2011 Weekly PLR

And that less than 1/10 the ouptut….

Do NOT let this get away from you!

==> See what I mean here…..

More soon…

Grow strong,

Barb Ling
Authority Marketing Innovator

ps – Ending Soon….
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