SOFTWARE: PLR to the Ferrari of productivity software?

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Barb Ling here and this just crossed me radar!


Action Taker Software – 7 IM Success Habits Edition With “Share Seller” PLR


Brief, pithy and to the point:

In a nutshell….. its:

No theory. All fact. The “7 iM Success Habits” Training Guide is 48 pages of pure meat – no fluff at all.

It’s also been bookmarked for easy navigation, and is searchable inside the software using the “Find” feature.

7 IM Success Habits Training Videos

Value: $1850
8 videos and total running time over 90 minutes. These videos are nothing short of awesome, with clear audio and instruction that uses the mind maps to give more meaning to the content. It’s one of the most unique presentations you’ll ever see in video.

The Action Taker Software For The Course

Value: $8,650
Over 2 years in development and fully beta tested, this is rock solid, powerful software that uses the same core programming used by other top quality software, like Camtasia Studio and Logos Bible Software.

With all the premium features inside this software, you’ll be a rockstar seller and your customers will be more productive and satisfied with their purchase. For desktop and laptop computers running Windows (sorry Mac users).

Video Tutorials Pack For The Software

Value: $740
We’ve also created for you a pack of Unbranded tutorial videos for how to use the different features of the software.

You can pass these unbranded tutorial videos on to your customers, and we’ll be making more video tutorials in the near future based on your suggestions and requests!

User Guide For The Software

Value: $280
In addition to the unbranded tutorial videos, we’ve create a complete Ubranded User Guide that you can pass on to your customers.

Over 100 pages, with screenshots, we’ve covered all features of the software. The guide is also bookmarked and easily searchable.

==> Whatcha waitin’ for?

Again, my apologies for missing this….. hope you enjoy!

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Barb “more buy buttons!” Ling
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ps: you can keep 100% of the profits….
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