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Hey there,

My coupon is still good!

Its time for Chapter 7!

Quick! Look at


That full funnel sale….

I earned that from a page I monetized…. that I built withTraffikrr!

That page is:


Im blogging Dan Brocks channel….

And Im monetizing it with affiliate links to his products….

… and I earned over $80 yesterday from that.


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I woke up very nonoptimal so will be going back to sleep soon… but hopefully I can do even more with this today.


And if you missed the other chapters…. here they be!


Its time for chapter 6!

And chapter 6 involves zero cost traffic.

Bunches of it, actually….

And how can it be created?

Well, think about what people *share*.

Its things that make them laugh….

… things that cause spikes in emotion….

… things that alas, generally OTHER people have created because they already mastered the art of viralness (think Buzzfeed and other virao video thingees).

Well! Wouldnt it be great if you could take advantage of all these viral creations….

… for zero cost….

… automatically?

Course it would!

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And the best thingee about this is…

It can be automated beyond belief.

As in, you can pick/choose YouTube channels/keywords/etc…

… and decide HOW you want to monetize them…..

And then make it happen!

And if you forget the other chapters…..



Several folks have asked me for more details regarding Traffikrr and what it does.

So I hope this helps!

1.) Do you have a special coupon for your list only?

Yep! Its barbcoffee

2.) What exactly IS autoblogging?

Autoblogging is the art of having your WP site create posts *automatically* based upon the criteria you provide.

Thus, you can set up things like:

Fetch videos from this Youtube channel and automatically post them

Fetch videos from this keyword ON Youtube and automatically post them

Stuff like that.

My site, DailyWSOs.com, has been autoblogging now since 2012.

3.) How can you profit from autoblogging?

You can design the content of the posts that are created. Thus, you can include BEFORE the video some supporting content, and then after the video, a direct call to action (ie, click on this link and/or use that coupon!) etc.etc.etc.

4.) Okay, so Traffikrr does autoblogging and creates content for you… but how do it get traffic?

Once your post is created, Traffikrr will automatically share it to the social properties you define (aka your Twitter profile, Tumblr blog, LinkedIn site, FB page, etc.etc.etc).

That is done automatically without any additional input from you.

5.) What other benefits does Traffikrr offer?

Well, you can set it to pull in the *freshest* of YouTube videos in any channel/keyword/user youd like….

… so the instant something starts to go viral, if its in your criteria, it will get posted to Traffikrr and sent out to all your social properties.

This results in zero-cost traffic for you!

6.) Who is Traffikrr for?

It can provide profits for:

* Affiliate Marketers

* Video Marketers

* Niche Marketers

* Book Authors

* Fiverr Gig providers

* CPA marketers

* Folks who want to build their list (one of the upsells is an additional list-building overlay plugin)

* eCommerce sellers (autoblog videos regarding products in your eCom niche that are monetized with links to your offers etc.)

* Product Creators

Seriously… just about anyone can benefit from this as EVERY niche shows up in YouTube.

7.) Does it work with any WP theme?

Yep it does! Theres also an upsell for a video-monetized WP theme that highlights all its best points

8.) Are you using Traffikrr yourself, Barb?

Indeed I am – Ive added it to my DailyWSOs.com site. Very happy with it!

9.) Is there any sort of guarantee?

But of course! Theres a 30 day money back guarantee.

I dont think youll request it though…

… from what Ive seen, it does everything it advertises it does.

10.) One last question Barb – is it newbie friendly?

Very much so! You can even right click over the videos in the members area, copy/paste the direct YouTube URL to your browser, and skip ahead to whatever technique youd like.

Intrigued? Alrighty then… grab it at:

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And if you missed Chapter 3:

Earlier, I shared with you the latest autoblogging thingee to hit the airwaves….

And not only did I buy it myself…

… BUT I also bought the $297 Resellers Rights deal too!

That bumps your commissions up from 50% to 75%….

… and that can increase your profits bigtime!

==> Its the last enhancement
Use coupon: barbcoffee !

I *also* activated both the plugin and the theme on one of my sites…..

… and it is SO unbelievably simple to use!

More on that in a later email….. but if youre into affiliate marketing, I would *definitely* suggest you get that resellers option (my $297 eMail marketing Mastermind bonus makes it a no-brainer as well!)

And if youre wondering just what Im talking about…..


Barb Ling here and want you a not ONLY an autoblogger….

… but a VIDEO autoblogger….

… one that pulls in the FRESHEST of viral videos to help you build a high-converting power moooola site?



==> Autoblogging Traffikrr!
Link at end

Your Benefits: your site gets built automatically… with content people LOVE sharing… and THAT gets shared to your FB, Twitter, Linkedin, Tumblr, and….


Brief, pithy and to the point:

Have you ever heard of autoblogging sites?

Sites that are created without any effort on your part (after youve set it up, of course)?


I LOVE autoblogging sites…. matter of fact, my site, DailyWSOs.com – its been autoblogging now since 2012 (thats 5 years!) …

Completely on autopilot.

Now, I use that site simply to get my links indexed within search engines.

And youll see, its pretty utilitarian.

But its been happily chugging along now since 2012!

So the concept of autoblogging is definitely *proven* beyond a shadow of a coffeecup.


Lets look at *you*.

Your interests. Your niches. How you like making mooola and stuff.

Youre probably aware of this cool site called YouTube, right?

And you probably know that for every niche imaginable, theres hundreds if not thousands of channels dedicated to it…

Packed to the brim with popular videos… videos that people LOVE sharing….

Wouldnt it be spiffy if you could automatically have all of those videos *embedded* right when theyre created…..

… into *your* site….

Your *monetized site*…..

… so more people can click on your links/buy from your link and much much more?

==> Course it would!
Use coupon: barbcoffee !

To wit:

Traffikrr Is The Ultimate All-In-One Viral Traffic and Sales Machine!

Its a…

==> One Click Site Builder

Traffikrr creates a website for you with the click of a mouse. Simply paste a link to any YouTube channel and the software will search YouTube for the newest and freshest videos to use to create your site.

This means your site is created automatically….

… and your site is always filled with the highest quality content which means better engagement and ultimately more traffic and sales.


Its ALSO a…

==> Traffic Getting Software

After Traffikrr builds your website, it automatically posts links on your Facebook page to get you tons of high-quality FREE traffic.

==> Catch that automatic traffic?
Use coupon: barbcoffee !

In addition to Facebook, the software also pings your latest video posts to Tumblr, Twitter and Linkedin for even MORE TRAFFIC!



==> Traffikrr Will Make You The Mooness!

When visitors hit your newly created website, you can put overlays with links to affiliate offers, CPA offers, or any kind of offer you want in seconds.

You can also make money through the various methods of advertising you could deploy onto the website that Traffikrr builds for you.

This is all in addition to building a HUGE LIST on complete autopilot with the optin overlay feature!

Start Getting Viral Traffic With The Help of Some of The Most Popular Channels on Youtube…
The Minute They Upload New Videos…

==> ITs waiting for you!!
Use coupon: barbcoffee !

And the enhancements?

I hope youre sitting down….

… an overlay optin box to help you build your list….

…a viral WP theme to enhance your income (its mobile friendly too!)

…case studies….

And my fav:

… a reseller opportunity so you get 75% across the funnel (including all upsells! – thats $297 and I bought it the instant it came out)

==> Start your journey here!
Use coupon: barbcoffee !

And because this is a solo offer, buy thru my link and immediately receive :

My own $297 eMail Marketing Phoenix 3 week bootcamp recordings

Which teaches you exactly how to support your family by email marketing…. just like me!

Sounds good? Gosh yes – a video autoblogger that you can monetize…..

Whats not to adore?



Barb Ling
Authority Marketing Innovator

ps – Price increasing soon!!
Use coupon: barbcoffee !
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