🤔 Vertical vs Horizontal videos: Which gets more VIEWS?

Who would’ve thought vertical videos would become the norm in 2021?

In fact, over 800 MILLION people watch vertical story videos on FB and IG daily.

So if you want more views on your ads and videos…then it’s time you start creating vertical, story-style videos.

>> www.BarbaraLing.com/storyreel

So…does that mean you’d have to spend hours manually creating story-style videos just to get your business noticed?

This is where the good news comes in.

Using StoryReel, you can create and publish 100s of story videos on Facebook Groups, Facebook Pages and Profiles, Instagram, Snapchat, and even WhatsApp using our mobile app in just minutes.

StoryReel is a powerful videomaker that lets you:

Choose from 100+ ready-made video templates
Add your logo, text, text-to-speech voice-over
Download or Publish Using StoryReel mobile app
Start getting traffic quickly and effortlessly

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Create Traffic-Getting Story-Style Videos with StoryReel (Get $30 OFF with “PKS30”)!

StoryReel is the easiest way to get more eyeballs on your videos. It gives you:

Ability to create videos that get 10x traffic and sales
72% conversion rate from your viewers (FB confirms that)
100 Tested and Proven Stories Video templates
Get award-winning MILLION dollar traffic generating videos
Create Stories Videos using StoryReel cloud dashboard
Easy to use Mobile App to share your stories videos on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook groups, pages, profiles, or anywhere

>> Watch ACTUAL story-style videos made using StoryReel!

Oh, and did I mention StoryReel is:

✓ Newbie-friendly interface with zero learning curve
✓ Has FREE video training included to help you get started
✓ Has in-app text-to-speech technology to add real life-like voice-overs

Doing this couldn’t get any easier with StoryReel.

And for a few hours today, you can get $30 off on your lifetime access.

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