👀 Add your OWN buy button on ANYONE'S video?

Ever wished you can just piggyback other people’s video content to promote your OWN link?

Well, now you can do exactly this with PlayerNeos. To help you get started, I’m even throwing in my VideoTrafficKIT FREE when you pick up your app.

Only the first 45 people today can get this limited-time deal.

>> www.barbaraling.com/playerneos

PlayerNeos is a powerful, easy to use app that allows you to turn your average, same-as-everyone videos into “marketing and sales machines”.

In fact, PlayerNeos doesn’t just add a link to other videos. It lets your viewers:

Opt-in into your email list
Click your buy-now button
Go to your website
Plus more

Even regular videos hosted on YouTube or Vimeo or any other video hosting website won’t let you do this.

Get it with FREE VidTrafficKIT today. I only have 45 copies available.

Add your Link on ANYONE’S Video with PlayerNeos (FREE VideoTrafficKIT)!

Here’s everything you get FREE with PlayerNeos today:

PlayerNeos Commercial License – keep 100% of the sales even on Day 1
CreativesFX – rich media library of diverse stock photos for your videos
MusicFx – 1000s of copyright-free soundtracks
VisualFX – ready-to-upload visual content for all your platforms

Only the first 45 people today can get all these for free.

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Stop uploading videos that don’t generate sales. Start seeing fast and easy results with PlayerNeos + FREE 4 apps available only today.

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All your questions are welcome. Email me back and I’ll personally help you out.

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