☕Your Tues Perkup: Magical Unicorns, Falling Body Parts, 100% commissions, FB Bots, 50% off Pinterest Goodie, Adsense

Barb Ling of the “Of course it would happen to me” morning perkups here!

Lots of updates that I’ve shared at our “Okay I didnt do what I said I’d do yesterday” at


Goodness includes:

* Looking for Magical Unicorns

* In all the wrong places

and of course, all the goodies that went live/closes soon (think 50% off Pinterest, Adsense Goodie, 100 percent across the board, affiliate marketing, FB AI bots, more more)

And of course, our morning MooseNCoffee.

Hope you enjoy!


Barb Ling
Authority Marketing
Source: WarriorCM

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