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Barb Ling of the “Ideally later?” morning perkups here!

Lots of updates that I’ve shared at our “Well, here’s whats happening” morning perkup at

Coming soon

Goodness will include:

* What’s been going on – in a nutshell, that zilions of miles being driven? Its not going to end until Tuesday so ideally… I’ll be able to get morning perkups done in the afternoon? ‘course, good news is Kid4’s performance at the musical was powerful –
the school is doing Cabaret and OMG I never knew what it truly was about (thank you public school that never touched on it, not) – he played the elderly Jewish individual who found love (and then said love was ‘convinced’ by the political power that was rising to break the engagement) and then lost it.

I won’t share the ending, but definitely look it up. With the rise of Anti-semitism again in this day and age, it must never be allowed to happen again.

* Hopefully more soon!

and of course, all the goodies that went live/closes soon (honestly, not a clue, more more! )

And of course, our morning MooseNCoffee.

Hope you enjoy!


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