☕Your Fri Perkup: Apologies, Fury, Driving 938467 Miles, 52 Weeks, 100% Risk Free, 400, more!

Barb Ling of the “Apologies!” morning perkups here!

Lots of updates that I’ve shared at our “I messed up bigtime but fixed it” morning perkup at


Goodness includes:

* Taking ownership and apologizing

* Driving zillions of miles

and of course, all the goodies that went live/closes soon (think Etsy, 20K, microcontent, Augmented Reality, 52 weeks self-paced IM discovery, more more! )

And of course, our morning MooseNCoffee.

Hope you enjoy!


Barb Ling
Authority Marketing
Source: WarriorCM

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